How To Get Health Insurance In Florida

Are you a Florida resident who is looking to get health insurance coverage for yourself or your family? If you are, you may be wondering exactly how you can go about getting health insurance in Florida. The good news is that there are several ways for you to get health insurance in Florida. A few of the most general ways are outlined below.
A good proportion of the Florida let their employees to join their health insurance programs if they want to do so. This is one of the easiest ways to get health insurance in Florida. If you are presently employed, you are advised to speak with your employer’s concern department about health insurance plans for employees. If you have the opportunity to get health insurance in Florida through your employer, you are advised to at least give it a deep thought. residents, who has health insurance, have it through their employers. The majority of employers
If you are considered low takings, you may be capable to get health insurance in Florida through the Florida gove. As you likely already know, these polices have a tendency to not cover as much as purchased health insurance policies, but for some it is enough. To meet the criteria for government backed health insurance in Florida, you need to make a meeting with your local social services department. From there, you come to know whether or not you qualify for government backed coverage.

If your company doesn’t offer health insurance, if you make too much money for government assistance, or if you rnment are self-employed, then you have to go for other options to buying your own health insurance in Florida. When it comes to doing so, you will find that many illustrious health insurance companies have coverage plans that you can buy for yourself. In fact, when buying health insurance in Florida, you can not only get health insurance coverage for yourself, but also for your whole family or even your workforce, if you are a small business owner.
The above mentioned ways are just a few of the many ways that you can go about getting health insurance in Florida. As a reminder, if you are married, you are advised to see if your spouse has a health insurance program that you can join. If you are a dependant child who is attending college full time, you may still be able to get health insurance coverage through your parents, if they have it. When looking to get health insurance in Florida, it is advised that you first look at all of your avenues, mainly the ones outlined above.

If you are currently without health insurance in Florida, you are advised to seriously think about getting coverage. Yes, you may have been fortunate so far and not needed any medical care, but a time may come in the future when you do. Also, those who have health insurance coverage are more likely to plan annual physical examinations or checkups. Many times, these appointments are where serious health problems are found; problems that otherwise would have never been found, at least not right away.

A Look At Florida Group Health Insurance Schemes

A significant number of Americans are members of group health insurance plans and the rules governing group plans in Florida are similar to those in most of the other states, although there are some differences which could apply for public employees.

To join a group health insurance scheme you need to first be eligible for memberships of the plan. For example, although an employer may run a group health insurance plan, it may not be open to everyone, possibly being reserved for only full-time workers. Also, the plan may be operated by an HMO and you may discover that you live outside of the service area for the HMO.

Assuming that you are eligible for the plan then you have to be allowed to join regardless of your state of health. In this context your state of health means your current health, including any disability which you may have, and to your previous medical history. It should also be noted that you cannot be excluded from the scheme on the basis of genetic information.

It is important to understand here that, while an employer may exclude you from a plan because you do not for example work sufficient hours, he in not allowed to refuse you membership solely on your present or previous medical history.

Most schemes will have an enrollment period during which you need to elect to join the scheme which could typically be within 30 days or starting work. However, if you decide not to join at that stage then an employer has to give you an opportunity to join during what is usually called a special enrollment period when particular changes arise within your family. Such changes could include such things as marriage, the adoption of a child and loss of other medical insurance cover as the result of such things as the cessation of cover being provided through another family member because of death, termination, legal separation, reduction in working hours, divorce, retirement and similar circumstances.

Vitually all plans will also usually have a waiting period for membership which is typically anything from 30 days to 3 months. This waiting period has to be applied consistently across all eligible employees and during this time you will not be covered under the group plan.

Where the group plan which you are joining is operated by an HMO then the HMO may also require a waiting period (generally called an affiliation period) where once again you will not be covered. HMO affiliation periods cannot usually exceed 2 months and if such a waiting period is required the HMO is not allowed to then impose any pre-existing conditions exclusions.

Under Florida law any group plan which provides dependent cover also has to provide cover automatically for newborn babies, newly adopted children and children placed for adoption for a period of 31 days from the date of birth, adoption or placement. There may also be a requirement for parents to register these children with the plan within this 31 day period for cover to continue thereafter.

For parents taking care of disabled children who are covered under a group health plan cover will normally continue beyond the age when a child would no longer be classed as a dependent, providing the parents are able to show that the individual in question cannot support himself as a result of mental or physical disability and that they are largely dependent upon the scheme member for support.

If you work for an employer with at least 50 employees then you are allowed to take a leave of absence without loss of health insurance for a period of up to 12 weeks in some circumstances. This protection is guaranteed by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which is intended to cover such things as childbirth, sickness or the need to take care of a seriously ill member of your family.

Federal law permits states down to local government level to exempt government employees from specific areas of coverage in self-insured group health plans and a lot of Forida’s public employers take advantage of this to some extent. As exemptions vary widely between employers it is wise to find out the exact coverage provided if you have a public employer. These details may also be found by getting in touch with The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) which maintains a list of exemptions for individual employers.

Although under Florida law you cannot be refused membership of a group health insurance plan on the basis of health, there are certain circumstances where exclusion periods are allowed to be imposed for pre-existing conditions. However, this is a complex area and one which is therefore the subject of another article.

Florida Health Insurance

Florida health insurance costs can prove to be a very real obstacle to many Florida consumers that are searching for a comprehensive and affordable Florida health insurance policy. Florida health insurance premiums can be pricey at first glance. However, when you consider that even some routine surgeries plus a week or more in a Florida hospital could cost upwards of six figures then the importance of finding a Florida health insurance policy that is both comprehensive and affordable cannot be underestimated.

The Florida health insurance market is a very competitive market. This is at once a very good thing and a very bad thing for the Florida health insurance shopper. The competitiveness of the Florida health insurance market is good for the Florida consumer because it forces the top companies to drive down their rates in an effort to maintain affordable health insurance policies as they compete against each other for your business. The negative aspect of the Florida health insurance market’s competitiveness is that many insurance companies are attracted to the strong demand for health insurance in the state of Florida and not all have the sterling reputation of an Aetna, Humana, or a United Healthcare.

Without mentioning names, this strong demand for Florida health insurance will attract health insurance companies to Florida that are forced to put calendar year limits in their policies or only cover benefits up to a certain amount (an indemnity style policy) in order to try and compete with stronger, more established companies.

Just to contrast the seriousness of this, imagine that you blow out your knee as you are exercising and you have to have arthroscopic knee surgery and a week plus in the hospital brings the total bill to $100,000.

With a strong reputable Florida health insurance company with an established dependable network such as one of the Florida health insurance Big 3″ (Aetna, Humana, and United Healthcare) you will have coverage of anywhere from $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 per person without any calendar year limits and without limits on benefits payable for certain procedures. That $100,000 hospital bill is whittled down to your maximum out of pocket cost of probably around $3,000 to $5,000 depending on your policies deductible and coinsurance amount.

Now imagine that you had decided years back that you wanted to go with a Florida health insurance company that you had never heard of until then and purchase a seemingly attractive indemnity policy or a policy with a calendar year limit: if the limit on the policy is for say $10,000 for that particular procedure or maybe only up to $200 a day for every day in the hospital… guess what? Once you reach that limit threshold you are stuck with the rest of the bill. It is as if you do not even have insurance once you reach the limits in the policy.

The different Florida health insurance policies can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of an expert independent insurance agent. View Florida health insurance quotes from the top companies side by side and compare them to ensure that you have both affordable and comprehensive Florida health insurance.

Florida Health Insurance: Take Advantage Of The Internets Price Transparency

Florida health insurance companies are now feeling the effects of the increased price transparency that the Internet brings. Now longer is it a process of days or even weeks to obtain multiple health insurance quotes from top Florida health insurance companies. The simplest and most efficient way to obtain health insurance in Florida is simply to make the top health insurance companies in the state (Golden Rule/United Healthcare, Aetna, and Humana) compete for your business!

If you cringe at the thought of a United Healthcare agent, an Aetna agent, and a Humana agent all clustering around you amongst a swarm of other Florida health insurance agents and trying to push their company’s policy upon you then read on; for health insurance shopping on the Internet has simplified everything. There are numerous Florida health insurance websites that offer Florida health insurance quotes but there are quite a few very important distinctions between the different types.

There are two main types of websites that offer Florida health insurance quotes to Florida health insurance shoppers: Marketing Organizations and Insurance Agencies.

Marketing Organizations do not sell insurance, are not regulated by any insurance department, and generally have no knowledge whatsoever concerning Florida health insurance. However, they can offer consumers a somewhat appealing service. How can they assist in purchasing health insurance?

They act as a middleman between Florida health insurance shoppers and Florida health insurance agents. When Mrs. Smith in Tampa, FL requests a health insurance quote then the marketing company sells her information as a lead to 5 or more Florida insurance agents.

Ignoring the privacy issues and the issue of the qualifications of the health insurance agents that will be purchasing your information there is the larger and more practical issue of do you really want to have 5+ insurance agents aggressively seeking your business?

Imagine that each health insurance agent is taught in their sales training to call you at least 5 times and email you at least 3 times before giving up” on you as an insurance prospect: that means that you have received 25 phone calls and 15 emails from various insurance agents!

The second type of website that offers Florida health insurance quotes is the website that is run by an insurance agency (note that it is very important to find only an independent Florida insurance agency meaning an agency that is not tied to working with only one health insurance company but can show you health insurance quotes from all of the top Florida health insurance companies. This is also why we will ignore the quasi third group of websites that offer Florida health insurance quotes: the health insurance carrier websites themselves. These can be a good service but very time consuming. There is a better way to shop for Florida health insurance. Read on-).

Most independent insurance agency websites offer a feature that will allow you to request Florida health insurance quotes. However, there is a much better way to shop for Florida health insurance! Rather than waiting for your request for health insurance quotes to be filled; look for a website that offers instant and LIVE Florida health insurance quotes from top Florida health insurance companies.

With instant LIVE Florida health insurance quotes you have the best of both worlds: you receive the benefits of competitive pricing by viewing the top Florida health insurance companies quotes side by side (the strong point of the marketing organization website model) as well as personal, expert help (the strong point of the insurance agency website model). Not to mention the added benefit of viewing the health insurance quotes from the different health insurance companies in the same format enabling easy side by side comparisons of benefits. This allows for a true apples to apples” comparison.

View up to 20 LIVE Florida health insurance quotes from top Florida health insurance companies like Aetna, Humana and Golden Rule/United Healthcare all in less than 20 seconds! View LIVE Florida health insurance quotes now and take advantage of the Internet’s price transparency!

Florida Medical Insurance

Florida medical insurance is comprised of two main categories: Florida individual medical insurance and Florida group medical insurance. These two categories have many similarities but yet many important differences as well.

Many Florida residents are quite familiar with large group medical insurance through their employer if they have ever worked for a large corporation (in Florida a large group is considered a company or group that has more than 50 employees). However, when it comes to understanding individual medical insurance in Florida and how it works or even understanding small group medical insurance in Florida and how that works it turns out to be somewhat different than the large group medical insurance plan that most have known so well for so long.

Individual medical insurance in Florida is different from group medical insurance in Florida because of the fact that the underwriting departments at each Florida insurance company will scrutinize very closely any pre-existing conditions that an applicant has in their health history (going back up to 10 years) if they are applying for an individual policy.

This scrutiny is geared towards finding any adverse health conditions or precursors to health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc. Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and severe obesity will cause a Florida health insurance company to automatically decline an application for coverage with an individual medical insurance policy.

Less severe pre-existing health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, mild obesity, and heartburn/acid reflux will generally result in a rider being placed on the accompanying policy that will exclude coverage for anything related to that specific pre-existing condition. Riders are generally levied on an indefinite basis or a temporary basis (12-24 months in most cases).

There are a few insurance companies in Florida (one of them presently being Aetna) that do not issue riders on the individual medical insurance side as is most common but will instead rate up” an applicant they deem presents excess risk due to pre-existing conditions. This rate up” simply means that they will offer to cover the mild pre-existing conditions but they will offer you a rate increased premium amount that can be 10% more than was initially quoted you, 25% more, 50% more; it all depends on the underwriting department at the insurance company as to what premium amount that they will offer you if they decide to accept you.

Florida group medical insurance is much simpler in that generally there is not as much scrutiny towards an applicant’s health history and pre-existing conditions. This is good or bad depending on your present health condition. It is good if you are an unhealthy person with some major pre-existing conditions because it allows you to obtain group medical insurance when you would be declined if you tried to obtain individual medical insurance (due to your pre-existing conditions). However, it is bad from a financial sense if you are a generally healthy person because you are paying a higher premium cost for group medical insurance (as opposed to individual medical insurance) that is unless your employer is paying the cost for all of your group medical insurance: then you are quite happy (unless you have a family and your employer is not so kind as to pay for them to be on the group medical coverage as well!)

Just from what you have learned so far; which do you think would be more expensive group medical insurance or individual medical insurance? If you said group medical insurance then you are on the right track to understanding the main difference between the two. Think of the cost of group medical insurance versus the cost of individual medical insurance like this: if your new co-worker at the cubicle next to you has cancer then guess what? They will be able to obtain group coverage on your group plan even though they never would be approved for an individual medical insurance policy. You as a healthy person are in a sense subsidizing the cost of your unhealthy co-worker (and all of the other unhealthy people) in paying their premiums. It follows of course that the premiums will be higher for a group medical insurance plan in Florida where the insurance company has to take on both healthy and unhealthy people as opposed to an individual medical insurance plan in Florida where the insurance company can pick and choose who they will accept.

Be sure to research your Florida medical insurance options thoroughly by consulting with an independent agent who can represent multiple health insurance companies and by comparing Florida medical insurance quotes from multiple companies side by side. (Be sure not to believe any Florida insurance agent who tells you that you will be approved for an individual medical insurance policy whether you have pre-existing conditions or not chances are they are just trying to unload a close to worthless medical discount plan not medical insurance).